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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010
Thank you to everyone for mailing as soon as you finish reading! Many of our tours are moving quickly, which is great.

Several of you have signed up for almost every tour and unfortunately will be receiving more than one book at once. If this happens and you will not have time to read both in the week allotted, please e-mail me and I will give you an extension AND tell you which book you should read first. Some of the tours are limited due to time restraints or release dates, and some are my copies (which can be out for however long it takes to get through the list).

If you are on the Beautiful Darkness tour, please remember to read/mail as fast as possible. It is possible we will not make it through the list otherwise.

I have been updating points through the Member Points page, so if you are looking to jump to the top of a tour or get an extension without a strike, please check to see how many points you have :)

Lastly, I have a few other books that I could tour, but am low on shipping money. I will temporarily be adding a Donate button to the sidebar for those of you able to donate a dollar or two to help. If this does not work, do not worry - I will still be adding tours! The ones from my personal collection may just slow down a bit. If you know of someone with an extra copy of a book encourage them to donate it to the site to share with others :)

Any questions or comments, please let me know!


Katelyn said...

Sounds great, I sent you an email regarding Virals, let me know if you want to start a tour with that one.

Shanyn said...

Oh yes yes, I couldn't remember the other thing I was going to do while updating the site today, that was it! I will e-mail you tomorrow morning and get that book posted - thank you so much :)

Enna Isilee said...


Don't want to sound petty, but I was just wondering if maybe you could let us know what books you'd donate if we donated money. Or if we could get points for it. I know that sounds terribly shallow, but if I had known you had PARANORMALCY, I would have donated in a heartbeat.

Selfishly yours ;),
Enna Isilee