Please do NOT sign up for any tours that you have been selected for at another site. Many sites have to do a random draw for participants and you are taking away the opportunity for someone to read the book.

Steps when receiving a book
1) Post that you received the book on the book's thread
2) E-mail for the next address
3) Read the book (please move the book to the top of your reading pile)
4) Package up the book nicely and send with delivery confirmation
5) Post the delivery confirmation in the book's thread
6) Write a review and e-mail the review or link to the review to

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
I am SO THANKFUL for how generous so many of you are! I was worried about finding one person to help - in reality, I got almost 10! And some of you haven't even been part of the site for very long!!

For right now, Katelyn will be helping to send out addresses and keep track of reviews. I have saved all e-mails from those of you that said you are willing to help in case I need more help in the future :)

We are back to having about one day turnaround in requesting addresses, but you should still e-mail the account whenever you receive a book so that you get the address in plenty of time. Either Katelyn or myself will be responding to you, and there should be no confusion or double sending of addresses because of the filing system I have in place.

Once again - THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you that have offered to help! Without your kindness this site would not have been able to run during the next month!