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Friday, October 1, 2010

Contagion by Joanne Dahme

Friday, October 1, 2010
In her fourth novel Joanne Dahme creates another page-turning tale in which a youngvwoman named Rose strives to rid Philadelphia’s water of the deadly typhoid bacteria. Set in the late 19th century, Rose Dugan is a young wife who is actively involved in her community. But when her best friend is killed while working at Philadelphia’s Water Works' gardens, the mystery around her death pulls Rose in. Will she save the city from a deadly typhoid outbreak that is threatening the city’s water system? Will Rose unravel the mystery behind her best friend’s murder—a fate that was actually meant for her?

399 pages
Published by Running Press Kids
Released September 28, 2010

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Mailed 10/17: 0310 2010 0002 5261 9000
Lillie (PA): Received 10/19, Mailed 10/25: 0310 0480 0000 3802 0892 (1 day early)
JL (PA): Received 10/26, Mailed 11/2: 03101230000048455848
Laurie (NY): Received 11/4, Mailed 11/12: 0309 3220 0001 4667 0311
Katy F. (CA): Received 11/20, Mailed 11/28: 9102150134711453746008 (1 day late)
Margo (CA): Received 11/30, Mailed 12/7: 0310 2640 0001 6642 2364
Back to Katelyn: Received 12/21


Lillie (AliseOnLife) said...

I'd like to join this one.

Lillie H (PA)

JL said...


Anonymous said...
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Meg, Caitlin and Laurie T said...

This is on my TBR list.

Laurie (NY)

Katy F. said...

Katy F. (CA)

Allison said...

can I still squeeze in?

Allison (OK)

Lillie (AliseOnLife) said...

Received: 10.19

JL said...

Received 10/26.

JL said...

Mailed 11/2. DC #03101230000048455848.

fourth musketeer said...

I'd like to join this.
Margo Tanenbaum, CA

Katy F. said...

Received 11/20.

Katy F. said...

Mailed 11/26. DC#: 9102150134711453746008

Margo said...

Sent today to Katelyn

Confirmation # USPS 0310 2640 0001 6642 2364